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Klick Creative Studio



My name is Pit.

I am a graphic designer and self-taught photography enthusiast based in Kockelscheuer, near Luxembourg City.



Working full-time for Lettrage Reding, I was working hard to gain as much experience as possible in graphical design, allowing me to take on some freelance tasks on the side. After some years working from 9 to 5, I decided to start a business on my own, as I wanted to focus more on photography.



Working for various clients in my freelance career, I’ve matured my consciousness to understand how I can make them the best they can be and ensure they can reach their full potential. Giving them a unique appearance to increase social media visibility, creating print media, and photographing their products in a modern fashion are just a few of the instruments I use.



I believe in the principles of thoughtful minimalism and simplicity, both in life and design. I try to reach the potential of these principles by transferring nature into a modern context.

me photo-20.png


  • fashion

  • editorial

  • portrait

  • product shots

  • lookbook/portfolio

  • social media content



  • logo design

  • visual brand identity

  • flyer/brochure layout

  • commercial vehicle vinyl design

  • social media content

6b, Route de Luxembourg

L-1899 Kockelscheuer

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